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Why choose FMC First Aid

  • Our trainers are all paediatric NHS nurses with specialist knowledge of CPR and essential first aid for babies, infants and children. They work with babies and children and see the outcomes of accident and injury. They are committed to educating parents

  • The course brings real life experience of treating children to you that is up to date.

  • All participants take home a paediatric first aid booking covering all the topics we teach and more

  • First aid courses are conducted at your home, nursery, workplace or local venue. FMC run courses 7 days a week day or evening so you can design the course to your needs.

  • Being taught in small groups in a comfortable and familiar environment inspires confidence and ensures that every participant receives attention and care. You can practice at your own pace, ask as many questions as you like and be totally honest about your areas of concern.

  • Throughout the course we give you the chance to practice all skills on our different equipment.

FMC First Aid firmly believes that you will only learn if you are enjoying yourself so we have designed the course to be educational but fun.